Erin (brokenlizard14) wrote in carnivalechorus,

Wow....I have to admit, I had completely forgotten about this community until just a couple minutes ago when I checked my e-mail and had a membership request. Kind of made me sad. There were so many times i meant to post a challenge or put up a poll or whatever and just forgot to do it. Got busy with work, school, I've got a new little niece now so I spend most of my free time with her.

   Anyway....and I know I've said this before...but if I were going to do it, summer would be the best time. All I have to worry about is work. 

   Is anybody still interested in participating? If the reaction to this is (generally) positive, I'll be happy to post a new challenge. God knows I miss Carnivale. But if the general consensus is for me to put the comm down....I can do that too. What do you guys think? If I were able to post a new challenge, would you be interested?
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