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Carnivale Chorus
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This is a Carnivale icontest. Every week there will be new lyrics and new pictures from the show. You can do blends, animations, anything you like so long as you use at least one line from the song. Then we'll take all the submissions and let you vote on them. *Please don't vote for yourself.*

So you all know, the category's the icons will be judged in are as follows (if anyone else has ideas for category's, just e-mail me)

Best Funny Icon
There were so many funny moments on the show...ok...not THAT many. But there were quite a few (mostly involving Gecko...but Samson was pretty funny sometimes) that this one should be pretty easy.

Best Sad Icon
This is a no brainer. There were tons of sad moments (hell, just watch all of Lincoln Highway for that). This can also include pairings. I mean, how many tragic couplings were there? Libby/Jonesy, Sofie/Ben, Sofie/Jonesy, Rita Sue/Stumpy.

Best Use of Color
This one really needs no explanations, but I will anyway. This will include textures, brushes, color (of course), and blends.

Best Animation
This can involve just changing pictures, movie words, words/pictures blinking, and of course, mini-movie icons.

Mod's Choice
You won't have to submit anything for this category. This is where April and I will be choosing our favorite icons. So yes, there will be two Mod's Choice awards given out.

Have Fun!